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Viktor Bout Prison Swap: Victor Bout, the dealer of death who came out of jail, is good news for Russia and Putin

Moscow: America has recently released Viktor Bout, a notorious arms dealer from Russia. Viktor Bout Russia has freed America’s famous basketball player Brittany Griner from prison. Victor Bout is a man who has been a headache for America since the days of the Soviet Union. There were rumors in the US media for several days that Victor Bout could be released. But no one expected that he would be released so soon. America’s Foreign Ministry has made efforts to release Britney several times. To what extent Victor is a man with evil mind, you can guess from the fact that he had close contacts with Al Qaeda and Taliban. Experts believe that the Russian President Vladimir Putin will directly benefit from Victor’s return.

who is victor bout

The exchange of Victor Bout and Brittany Griner was carried out in the UAE. Bout was extradited to the US in 2010. Victor Bout is also known as ‘Merchant of Death’. In the year 2008, he was arrested with the help of a sting operation. America called him the most dangerous person on earth. The US government said that Victor had made a dangerous plot to kill its citizens.

Viktor, a Soviet-era military officer, supplied arms to Al Qaeda and the Taliban during ongoing conflicts in Africa and the Middle East. If agencies are to be believed, he had conspired with the terrorist organization Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, better known as FARC, to kill American citizens. At the same time, Russia always denied these allegations. Russia said that America is targeting Victor for political reasons. In April 2012 Bout was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

war time release
Born in Tajikistan, Bout built his business after the Cold War by selling planes abandoned by soldiers. Ever since Victor Bout’s release, questions have been raised as to how this one person could be of such importance to Russia. Bout is also said to have worked for Russia’s intelligence agency. He used to supply arms only to strengthen Russia’s hold around the world.

Bout is said to have worked for several senior Russian politicians and businessmen who are now close to President Vladimir Putin. For this reason America always wanted to arrest him. Bout’s release comes as a surprise amid the ongoing war with Ukraine.

Putin will benefit
Many believe that Bout’s release from prison is a sign of Putin’s weakness. Putin is constantly threatening the world with nuclear war. At the same time, he also talks about a high-profile deal that would benefit Russia and regain its lost prestige. Experts believe that the bout’s exit is a victory for Putin. The bout could prove to be a boon for the Russian military, and if it happens, Russia could win a major strategic victory in Ukraine.

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