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War fought with the world’s most powerful army, thrice attempted assassination, became a ‘hero’ overnight… Did you recognize this child?

Kyiv : The child, seen in the red circle in the picture, spent his childhood in the south-eastern part of Ukraine. This Jewish child spoke Russian. When the father banned him from going to Israel to study, the child studied law in his own country. After graduation, this kid chose comedy instead of choosing advocacy or corporate as a career. The man who made the world laugh has been fighting a war with the world’s most powerful army for almost six months. Volodymyr Zelensky, who is currently the President of Ukraine, is the name of this child who challenges Vladimir Putin, who is intimidating Western countries.

When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Zelensky’s story came to the world. A few days later, America offered him an offer to escape from the country, which Zelensky turned down and became a ‘hero’. He boosted the morale of the army, pleaded for help from all over the world and continued to answer Russia in strong words. In an interview recently, Zelensky told that he has been away from his children since the beginning of the war. Zelensky said that he misses his family, it is impossible to get used to it.

thrice attempted murder
A few days after the start of the war, it was also reported that Zelensky had been assassinated three times. The Times reported in its report that the Ukrainian authorities thwarted these attacks after receiving the alert. Reports claimed that two assassination groups—the Wagner Group and the Chechen rebels—were sent to assassinate Zelensky.
Zelensky Assassination: Three times the assassination attempt but each time Zelensky survived, who was an informer from Russia?
When Zelensky refused to put his photo
An anecdote about Zelensky is often shared on social media. It is said that when Zelensky took charge of Ukraine in 2019, in his swearing-in address, he told MPs that I do not want you to put my picture in your office. The president is neither a messiah, nor a role model nor a picture. Instead, put photos of your children in your office and look at them before taking any decision.

The battle is about to enter a new phase
In the past four months of the war, Russia has focused on capturing the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Moscow separatists have held some areas as self-declared republics for eight years. Britain’s Defense Ministry said in an analysis that the Russian offensive, which began on February 24, is “about to enter a new phase” in which the fighting will shift to a nearly 350-kilometre frontline to the west and south from the city of Zaporizhia to the Russian occupation. It extends to Kherson.


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