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War mobilization created competition among Russian youth, paying big money for a ship seat

Russia-Ukraine War Update: In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine War, Russian citizens are now getting troubled by the war. Russian President Putin is planning a major attack on Ukraine. For this, Putin has ordered to recruit a large number of youth to increase the number of soldiers. After this order of Putin, there has been a stir among the youth of Russia. Many youths have left the country. After this order, wealthy Russian youth are looking for a way out of the country, due to which there has been a surge in demand for private jet seats in Moscow. At the same time, their cost has reached the sky.

The cost of a seat reached the sky

It is being told that most of the Russian youth are turning to Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan, because Russian citizens are allowed visa-free entry into these countries. Russian youths are paying between 20,000 and 25,000 pounds for a seat on a private plane, while eight-seater jet fares range from 80,000 to 140,000 pounds. It is several times more expensive than the normal fare. Yevgeny Bykov, director of broker jet company Your Charter, said that the situation at this time is absolutely insane. Earlier we used to get 50 requests in a day which has now increased to almost 5000.

Demand is being fulfilled through commercial aircraft

Russia’s decision has led to miles of traffic jams at its border crossings, while most one-way commercial plane tickets have been sold out for days to come. Beekov said his company has started hiring large commercial planes in an attempt to meet demand and bring down prices. He said the cheapest seat on a chartered commercial plane to Yerevan cost about 200,000 rubles, or £3000.

At the same time, Flightway, which provides private jets, said it had increased requests for one-way flights to Armenia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and Dubai. The head of the company, Eduard Simonov, said that the demand has increased fifty-fold.

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