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What was the demand put forward by the military ruler of Sudan in a letter? UN chief Antonio Guterres was also surprised

Cairo: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was surprised when he received a letter from Sudan’s military ruler, General Abdel-Fateh Burhan. In this letter, Abdel-Fateh Burhan has demanded the removal of the UN envoy. The letter came as chaos escalated in Sudan as tensions between the military rivals escalated into an open battle last month.

UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was surprised by the letter. The Secretary-General is proud of (UN Envoy) Volker Perthes’ work, and has full confidence in him as Special Representative. Dugeric did not give any information about the contents of the letter. However, a senior military officer says that Burhan has demanded Guterres to remove Perthes in the letter. Perthes was appointed here in 2021.

Burhan accuses Perthes of bias
The official said on condition of anonymity that Burhan has accused Perthes of adopting a biased attitude. He said that the manner of his pre-war talks between the General and the pro-democracy movement had fueled the conflict. While the purpose of the talks was to restore the derailed democracy after the military coup in October 2021. At the same time, Perthes refused to give a statement on the issue of the letter.

Last year, Burhan also accused Perthes of breaking away from the UN mandate and interfering in Sudanese affairs. He also threatened to expel Perthes from the country.

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what is going on in sudan
Since mid-April, tensions have continued between the powerful Rapid Support Force, which is commanded by General Mohammad Hamdan Dagalo, and the army. Both Burhan and Dagalo led a coup in 2021 that ousted Abdalla Hamdok, prime minister of a Western-backed government. Since then there has been a tussle between the two generals. Actually both Burhan and Dagalo are two centers of power in this country.

Currently, the command of Sudan’s army is in the hands of General Abdel Fateh al-Burhan, while Hamdan Dagalo is the head of the Rapid Support Force (RSF). Both these generals have their own armies and weapons and Sudan has become a battlefield due to the clash between these two armies. The reason for the clash of both is to stick to their own stubbornness. Especially the matter regarding the merger of Army and Rapid Support Force is stuck.

Actually, if the Rapid Support Force with one lakh soldiers is merged with the army then who will lead the new army. Both are unable to agree on this. Not only this, Fateh al-Burhan wants that his army will transfer power to an elected government only – but here also no agreement has been reached with Hamdan Dagalo.

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The capital Khartoum became the center of the war
The country’s capital Khartoum remains the epicenter of the fighting, along with the city of Omdurman. Apart from this, its effect is spreading in the whole country including the war-torn Darfur region. Hundreds of people have lost their lives and thousands of people have been injured in this fight and the country is on the verge of collapse. Because of this, about 13 lakh people of the country have become homeless and they are forced to leave their homes and take shelter elsewhere in Sudan or in neighboring countries. or

Not only this, rape and sexual violence against women and girls was also reported during this ongoing conflict in Sudan. According to a government-run group, about 24 cases involving women have been reported in Khartoum and 25 in Darfur. The group says that RSF is being blamed for such incidents with women. However, RSF has not given any statement regarding this.

America and Saudi Arabia mediate
After the mediation of the US and Saudi Arabia, both the parties have agreed to a week-long ceasefire, which will end on Monday night. However, despite the ceasefire, fighting has not stopped in Khartoum and other parts of the country. Burhan wrote the letter after the UN envoy accused both parties of flouting the laws of war by attacking homes, shops, places of worship and water and electricity installations. In a briefing at the UN Security Council earlier this week, Perthes accused the army and the RSF of choosing the path of war instead of resolving the issue through dialogue.

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