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When Pakistan is a dangerous country, then why F-16 to it, the Biden administration stopped speaking on the question

WashingtonUS President Joe Biden is now surrounded in his own country on the military help given to Pakistan for the upgrade of F-16. Recently, in a program, he has described Pakistan as a dangerous country. In a press conference held at the White House, when the Biden administration was asked a question related to this, his press secretary started peeping. On behalf of Biden, along with the F-16, Pakistan has also announced a military aid of $ 450 million. When displeasure was expressed on this from India’s side, America responded in its own way.

Press secretary irritated by the question
On Monday, White House Press Secretary Carine Jean-Pierre was interacting with the media. She was here to respond to President Biden’s remarks on Pakistan. According to them, clarification has already been given by the government on the statement of dangerous country. After this he was asked why America is helping Pakistan for F-16 even after Biden’s comment?

To this Pierre said, ‘America will no longer make any new statements on the remarks made by President Joe Biden on Pakistan. The President has said this before and I will not say anything new. I already answered on this on Friday. There is nothing new to say in what I have said two days ago.

Strange argument of foreign minister
Pierre had said that the remarks made about Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are not new and the President has made such statements before. Pierre replied, ‘A safe and prosperous Pakistan for the President is in the interest of the country. In such a situation, he has said the same thing that he has always been saying. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had responded to the F-16 deal that the sale is going to help Pakistan in its fight against terrorists. In September, the US approved a military sale to Pakistan.

US ambassador summoned
Biden said at an event in California that Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world which is engaged in making nuclear weapons without control. After this statement, Pakistan summoned US Ambassador David Blom. Pakistan Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif had dismissed the statement as “factually incorrect and misleading”.

foreign ministry statement
On the other hand, the US State Department has said that it is confident of Pakistan’s commitment and ability to keep nuclear weapons safe. US State Department Deputy Spokesperson Vedanta Patel said on Monday that the US has always considered a secure and prosperous Pakistan important to American interests.



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