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When surrounded by the Israeli army, the Hamas chief hid in the tunnel, for how long will he play the game of ‘middleman’?

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Hamas chief hid in tunnel when Israeli army surrounded him

Israel Hamas War: There is a war going on between Israel and Hamas. When Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, Israel had vowed to break the back of Hamas. When Israel retaliated, there was chaos in Gaza. Two months have passed since this war. During this period, Israel caused great damage to Hamas through ground attacks and air strikes. Now the Israeli army wants to reach the chief of Hamas. But according to reports, when he was surrounded, he was hiding in the tunnels built by Hamas.

Chief is hiding in the tunnel located in Sinwar

Israel Defense Force i.e. IDF says that Hamas Chief Yahya Sinwar is hiding underground in Gaza. The Israeli army has surrounded the entire area around Yahya Sinwar’s house but they think that he is not hiding in the house but in a network of underground tunnels. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has also said that his soldiers are surrounding Sinwar’s house but he can escape by going underground. In such a situation, it will take some time for us to catch him.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari has said that Khan is the home area of ​​Younis Sinwar. We are moving to take control of this entire area, but Sinwar is not above ground. He is underground. Without giving any more information, Hagari said that I cannot tell in detail how much we know about him at the moment.

Israeli army fighting in South Gaza

The IDF said Wednesday evening that its troops had surrounded the town of Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip and were in the middle of it. The IDF said the army’s 98th Division carried out a joint attack on the city of Khan Younis, a stronghold of the Hamas terrorist organization. Soon the troops broke through the defenses of Hamas’ Khan Younis Brigade and surrounded the city. Troops killed several Hamas fighters in ground fighting and airstrikes and also discovered about 30 mine shafts.

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