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Who had predicted Rishi Sunak to become the Prime Minister of Britain seven years ago

LondonIndian-origin Rishi Sunak has become the first Asian and Hindu Prime Minister of Britain. It was only two months ago that he had to face the loss at the hands of Liz Truss. But with the support of more than 100 MPs on Monday, Sunak finally became the British PM. His opponent, Penny Mordant, withdrew his name and the crown adorned Sunak’s head. It was predicted seven years ago that Sunak would one day become the PM. Former PM David Cameron had asked the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, about his Sunak becoming the Prime Minister of the country.

became MP for the first time
In the year 2015, PM Modi went on a tour of Britain. Here a huge program was organized on behalf of NRIs at Wembley Arena. During this, Cameron had told PM Modi, ‘Very soon 10 Downing Street will be ruled by a British-Indian Prime Minister.’ He did not name Sunak but it was at the same time that the new PM was trying his luck as the MP of Richmond (Yorks). His popularity was also increasing.Britain got its first Hindu PM on Diwali, two years ago Rishi Sunak had lit diyas on Downing Street
Sunak at 10 Downing
On Monday, when preparations for Diwali puja were going on in India, news of Sunak’s coronation came at 6:30 pm. At 1:59 when Mordant withdrew his name, it was decided that there would be a British-Indian rule. Mordant said, ‘It is clear that my colleagues feel Sunak is the need of the hour. He took this decision with full confidence and that is in the interest of the country. Along with this, he gave his support to Sunak. What happened after that is history.
10 interesting things about UK PM Rishi Sunak, who has an idol of Lord Ganesha on the desk and worships the cow
Youngest PM
After 1812, Sunak is the first young PM of the country who has reached 10 Downing Street at the age of 42. Before him, Robert Jenkinson, who was the second Earl of Liverpool, became the Prime Minister of Britain. Jenkinson also had a close relationship with India. Runki’s mother’s grandmother was born in Kolkata and her descendants were Portuguese living in India.

Challenges before Sunak
Sunak now has new responsibilities. More than 180 MPs have supported him but the party is divided. They have to get Britain out of the economic crisis and control inflation in the country. Britain is currently battling with skyrocketing inflation. Grant Shapps, who took over as the country’s home minister last week, does not give much importance to Sunak becoming the PM. He acknowledged that it was a memorable moment but added that it was not an occasion which should be termed as extraordinary.



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