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Why did Justin Trudeau blame India without thinking on the murder of Nijjar, now he himself revealed

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Justin Trudeau on India: On the murder of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, without thinking, had accused the Indian government of murder. He received sharp criticism from all sides for this. India also gave a befitting reply to Trudeau and gave strict advice. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, surrounded in his own country for making irresponsible statements without investigation, has now made a big revelation as to why he had accused India of Nijjar’s murder.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said his decision to publicly allege the Indian government’s possible involvement in the killing of a pro-Khalistan separatist leader was aimed at deterring them from repeating such actions. Trudeau had alleged on September 18 that Indian agents were ‘likely’ involved in the killing of Khalistani separatist Hardeep Singh Nijjar.

There was a rift in India Canada relations after Trudeau’s allegations.

After this allegation, relations between India and Canada turned sour. Nijjar was murdered on June 18 in British Columbia. India had declared Nijjar a terrorist in 2020. India had termed Trudeau’s allegations as ‘nonsense’ and ‘politically motivated’. In an interview with Canadian news agency ‘The Canadian Press’, Prime Minister Trudeau said that he had decided to make the announcement on September 18 because he believed that this information would eventually come out through the media.

What was the purpose of accusing India without investigation, know what Trudeau said

The Prime Minister said the purpose of the message he delivered in the ‘House of Commons’ that day was to ‘raise the level of deterrence’ to keep Canada safe. Trudeau claimed that his public statement came after several weeks of ‘quiet diplomacy’ and that the allegations were raised with India at the highest levels of this diplomacy.

He said, ‘We knew this would be a difficult dialogue but we also knew that it was an important moment for India to showcase its leadership on the world stage with the G20. And we realized that we could use that as an opportunity to work together. “Many Canadians were concerned that they were in danger.”

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