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Why is there only one child and give birth… Erdogan asked the question, this handsome MP of Turkey turned red in shame

Ankara: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been targeted by opponents for giving unsolicited advice. He advised an MP joining his party to have more children among the people. During this, the wife of that young MP was also present with him. Hearing Erdogan’s advice, both the MP and his wife shuddered. Later that young MP said that his wife is doing PhD. In such a situation, having more children can affect their career. But, Erdogan did not agree to this. He told the wife of the leader joining his party that there should be more children. See! The Kurdish Workers Party are producing 5-10 and 15 children. Erdogan has declared the Kurdish Workers’ Party a terrorist organization. There has been an uproar in Turkey over his statement. The modern people of Turkey, including opposition parties, are also opposing Erdogan’s statement.

The leader said – wife is doing PhD, so she does not want children
The name of the leader who joined Erdogan’s Justice and Development Party is being told as Mehmet Ali Silebi. He was previously the leader of the main opposition Republican People’s Party. Mehmet Ali Silebi was officially welcomed into Erdogan’s party on Wednesday. Mehmet Ali Silebi’s wife was also present at this reception. At the reception, Erdogan asked Mehmet Ali Sylbi how many children do you have. In response, Mehmet said that there is a child. Upon hearing this, Erdogan told Mehmet’s wife that there should be more. To this Mehmet replied that his wife is a PhD student. In such a situation, career is more important for him right now.

Erdogan said – giving birth to children is also important
On hearing this answer, Erdogan said with alacrity that giving birth to children is also very important. Their number should be increased further. We wish it to happen that children are very important. Watch how the Kurdish Workers’ Party are producing 5-10 and 15 babies. To this, Mehmet said that as his wife’s PhD is over, he can expect another child. After this, MP Mehmet got up from Erdogan and went to the rest of the leaders. The video of this incident is also becoming fiercely viral on social media. People are criticizing this advice of Erdogan. Turkey’s opposition parties People’s Democratic Party, Future Party, Kurdish Workers Party, Democracy and Progress Party and Republican People’s Party called it an insult to women.

Who is Mehmet Ali Silebi
MP Mehmet Ali Silebi is 39 years old. He has also served in the Turkish army. Presently he is also working as Civil Pilot. In 2018, he was elected MP from the Republican People’s Party. In 2021, he left the Republican People’s Party and joined the National Party. After this last year he left the National Party and contested as an independent and won. In 2008, Mehmet was also accused of corruption, due to which he was sentenced to 41 months in prison. After his release in 2014, he made a lot of name in politics.



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