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Will Donald Trump get trapped or saved? Now the Supreme Court will hear this important issue – India TV Hindi

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Donald Trump remains firmly in the race for the presidency.

London: The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear an unprecedented legal case that is sure to create an uproar in the 2024 elections. This case relates to former President Donald Trump and presidential immunity. This means that the Supreme Court will hear whether the former US President will have to answer to the civil and criminal charges against him. The immunity of the US President is a heavily disputed issue. It has been argued that presidents should not face certain types of legal action for decisions made in office. But does this mean the President will have different laws than everyone else?

Former President Trump is facing 4 charges

America is a country that prides itself on its philosophy of equality for every citizen, so it is a difficult question whether presidents should have leeway in certain matters. The Supreme Court’s answers in this case will not only potentially change constitutional theory, but also change what happens in this year’s presidential election. Trump is currently facing four charges that he interfered in the 2020 election, including his alleged involvement in the controversial 2021 Capitol Hill riots. The charges were brought by the US Department of Justice through the Washington DC court system.

Donald Trump, Supreme Court, Donald Trump Immunity Case

Image Source: Reuters

Whatever decision the US Supreme Court gives, there is bound to be controversy over it.

…So Trump will have to withdraw from the presidential race?

The trial was scheduled to begin on March 4, yet Trump is trying to get the charges dismissed on the basis of blanket presidential immunity. The other lawsuit will be delayed as the Supreme Court deliberates on a related case, which alleges election interference and could potentially remove Trump’s eligibility to run for president. Absolute immunity is the idea that legal charges cannot be brought against a President for actions taken while he is in office. This may seem like common sense. Holding the President legally accountable for his actions would result in him being hauled to court for everything he does in running the country, which is simply impractical.

Whatever the actual decision, it will be controversial

Let us tell you that the Supreme Court is the final arbiter in the American legal system and has the ability to set legal precedents. This decision will undoubtedly be a historic decision because this issue is not just about Trump but about American constitutional politics and executive power. The Court has an opportunity to make a major statement about the status of presidential immunity, or at least to establish clear standards for when immunity applies. The decision could decide whether future presidents and former presidents can be prosecuted. Whatever the actual decision, it will be controversial. Trump will not be prosecuted immediately after the Supreme Court gives its verdict on this matter.

This lawsuit can also benefit Trump!

Even if there is a ruling against the immunity theory, the trial will not restart immediately because Trump’s legal team will be given time to prepare. Trump may also argue that he has the right to campaign without trial. It is certain that Trump’s trial will certainly not take place before the next election. With this delay, Trump will not only be saved from the lawsuit before the elections, but will also remain in the headlines due to the case. Even if it is called negative publicity, it increases the enthusiasm of Trump’s supporters. This case is not just a legal milestone, but also a major factor in the presidential election on November 5. (Language: The Conversation)

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