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Will there be any solution to the war in Gaza? Putin discussed with Israeli PM Netanyahu

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Putin discussed with Israeli PM Netanyahu

Putin and netanyahu talks: The war between Israel and Hamas continues. The countries of the Middle East are supporting Palestine in this war. At the same time, countries like America and Britain are supporting Israel. Meanwhile, Russia has so far been adopting a soft stance towards Hamas in the Israel-Hamas war. On many occasions, Russia has also criticized Israel’s aggressive stance. Meanwhile, now PM Benjamin Netanyahu himself has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin on phone. The Israeli PM has expressed his displeasure with the Russian President on many matters.

Since the war between Israel and Hamas started, Russia has been continuously criticizing Israel. Rousto has also hosted Hamas leaders. Israel remains very angry with this policy of Russia. Amidst all these developments, Netanyahu has now discussed with Russian President Putin on phone. Netanyahu discussed with Putin for about 50 minutes, in which he told what is the situation in Gaza? Netanyahu made his case in his 50-minute conversation with Putin on everything from Gaza to Iran.

Netanyahu expressed displeasure with Putin over Russia’s opposition in UN

During the phone discussion, Netanyahu expressed his displeasure and said that Russian representatives at the United Nations (UN) and other forums are continuously making statements against Israel. Israel expressed dissatisfaction with this stance of Russia. He also expressed concern over the increasing cooperation between Iran and Russia. Netanyahu said that any country that has faced an attack like Israel has always reacted strongly and Israel is also doing the same.

More than 17 thousand deaths so far

Meanwhile, a massive massacre continues between Israel and Hamas in Gaza. A large number of Palestinian civilians are also being killed. Since the ceasefire, the Israeli army has again started wreaking havoc on Gaza. Hundreds of Palestinians have been killed in this so far. America has also expressed concern over the deaths of ordinary Palestinians. According to a report, the number of people killed in Gaza due to the Israel-Hamas war has crossed 17,700, of which about two-thirds are women and children. The Health Ministry gave this information in the Hamas controlled area.

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