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Willingness to win! Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus, Putin announces amid war with Ukraine


Russian President Vladimir Putin has now made a new announcement on the Ukraine war.
Russia will deploy nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus.
Russia will deploy strategic nuclear weapons on the border of Belarus by July.

Moscow. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a new announcement. Putin announced on Saturday that Russia will deploy tactical nuclear weapons on the border of Belarus by July. Putin compared the move to the deployment of American nuclear weapons in Europe. For this deployment of nuclear weapons, Putin has made a deal with the neighboring country Belarus.

According to the news agency ANI, the big thing is that Russia is not going to hand over the control of nuclear weapons to the neighboring country Belarus. Putin said Russia would not transfer control of nuclear weapons to Belarus. Putin told that on July 1, the construction of storage units for strategic nuclear weapons in Belarus will be completed. The Russian leader said Moscow has already transferred a short-range missile to Belarus.

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Point to be noted is that russia ukraine war (Russia Ukraine War) It has been more than a year. This step of Russia is being considered as one of its most important steps. The Russian President said that the deployment has been made following a long-standing request by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. He has already been taking up the case for deployment of nuclear weapons in the country.

Putin said ‘there is nothing unusual here. First of all, America has been doing this for decades. They kept their strategic nuclear weapons in six different NATO allied countries in Europe. It is to be known that this announcement of Putin has come at a time when the tension between Russia and Western countries is continuously increasing due to Ukraine war. Putin has warned of nuclear attack several times. Putin has once again targeted the western countries and accused them of provoking the Ukraine crisis.

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