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Winter will become a big weapon in Russia-Ukraine war, how will Russian soldiers fight, what will be the result of the war

Kyiv: Even after seven months of the war between Russia and Ukraine, no one knows the outcome. Until a few weeks ago, it seemed that the war would continue even in the freezing cold with little progress on either side. But in the last few weeks the war has changed and Ukraine has achieved success in some areas of Kharkiv. After this, the Western supporters of Ukraine have been filled with enthusiasm. According to experts, the Russian army will now have to ask itself the question of where they have to be stationed so that they can again come to the advantage.

Russia has options
Russia has a difficult choice, either to mobilize the general resources to strengthen its units in Ukraine so that the units can be re-strengthened. He will also have to think about how to manage the deficit now, it will also have to think. However, Russia’s foreign exchange reserves are at historically high levels. Russia now has to think about how it can use the gas supply to Europe as a weapon. Europe’s governments are now bracing themselves for difficult winter supplies. At the same time, Russia has also got the support of China, even if it is half-hearted but it is getting the benefit of it. Russian soldiers running away from Ukraine, now how will Putin deal with Zelensky’s army in war?
Ukraine is getting aggressive
Ukrainian forces have given an example of their aggression in Kharkiv. In the south also it is getting advantage in some places. Russia is now facing criticism in its own home because of Ukraine’s aggression. As winter approaches, Ukraine will have to set its priorities. He will have to think about how he can take advantage of this weather to thwart Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to capture the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. From Kharkiv in Ukraine to Kherson, Russia is getting a crushing defeat everywhere, Putin on target of loved ones
Russia currently controls 20 percent of Ukraine’s land, including Crimea and parts of the south. Capturing Donstek seems difficult at the moment. Russia lacks resources, after seven months this thing has now come to the notice of the world. In such a situation, when winter starts, the challenges will increase further.

What will Russian soldiers do?

Russia’s armies have no new units and soldiers who are not tired. The pressure on Russian forces in Kherson is increasing. After the success of Ukraine, the supply on the Dnipro river side has been completely cut off. Along with this, now commandposts and weapons depots are also being targeted. Thousands of soldiers of Ukraine have also been killed in this war, including soldiers of the best units of Donbass.

According to a NATO official, the way Ukrainian soldiers are performing, their morale has definitely increased. At the same time, Russia’s Rocket Force has also not been able to do anything special in the Ukraine war. 40 percent of the countries are still under Ukraine’s control and every Russian strategy seems to be failing.

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