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With the death of the Queen, this Chinese factory got a ‘lottery’, only made British flags, supply of 5 lakhs has been done

Shaoxing: Hours after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, a factory in the south of Shanghai received a huge demand for British flags. More than 100 employees of Shaoxing Chuangdong Tour Articles Company made nothing but a UK-themed flag, setting aside other tasks and continuously for 14 hours from 7:30 a.m. According to the company’s general manager Fan Epping, at least 500,000 flags were supplied in the first week.

People bought it to mourn or to put up flags outside the house. Some bought a picture of Elizabeth and flags displaying the years of her birth and death. These flags range in size from 21 to 150 cm wide and cost seven yuan (one dollar). The first customer placed an order at 3 am. Fan said the factory had a stock of 20,000 flags and was sent to market by morning. “Customers started coming directly to our factory to pick up the products. Many flags were not even packed. They were put in a box and shipped.

Business Opportunity Behind Every News
The factory was making flags for the Football World Cup before Elizabeth passed away. Chuangdong Company has been producing flags for the World Cup and other sporting events or national day celebrations since 2005. It also makes sports-themed scarves and banners. Employees keep an eye on the news of events that lead to the possibility of further orders. “Behind every news story is a business opportunity,” Fan said.
Trying to pull the flag from the coffin of the Queen of Britain, the police caught the person showing speed, VIDEO came to the foreThere is a story behind every flag
Ni Guozhen, an employee at the company since 2005, said he learned about the world through his work. Guozhen said, “I have learned a lot from the latest incidents. My knowledge has increased. That’s why I’m proud and glad to be making flags.” Guozhen also remembers supplying orders for British-themed flags for a royal wedding. The fan said, “There is a story behind every flag. This time it is associated with the Queen of Britain. They are buying these flags in their time of mourning.



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