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Xi Jinping becomes most powerful, China can increase nuclear weapons stock

Beijing: Experts believe that the communist country can expand its nuclear arsenal after President Xi Jinping’s statement at the General Conference of the Communist Party of China (CPC) to establish a strong strategic deterrence. “We will establish a strong strategic deterrence,” Jinping said while addressing the opening session of the CPC General Assembly on October 16. Jinping also heads the Central Military Commission (CMC).

The idea of ​​strategic deterrence was not included in the report presented by Jinping in 2017 or in last year’s landmark resolution. According to the South China Morning Post news published from Hong Kong, the 14th five-year plan released last year focused on “establishing a high-standard strategic deterrence”. Experts say that Jinping’s statement indicates that China will improve its nuclear deterrence capability in the face of growing rivalry with America because America is a major nuclear power.

Song Zhongping, a former Instructor of the People’s Liberation Army (PLL), said in a statement that this means China will “develop its strategic nuclear capability” to maintain national security. Song said the need for stronger strategic deterrence stemmed from the US challenge to China and Russia on the issue of the Taiwan and Ukraine wars, respectively. “When China has a strong nuclear capability, only then can our national security be effectively maintained,” he said.



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