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‘You are the hero of Pakistan’… Former PM Imran Khan told the young man who saved his life

Imran Khan: Imran Khan is not the first political figure in Pakistan to be killed. Even before him, there have been such attacks on many political figures. However, former Prime Minister Imran Khan narrowly survived despite being shot in the right leg in Wazirabad on Thursday. Imran Khan’s life was saved because of a person present in the rally. Khan also met the ‘Hero of Pakistan’ at the hospital. The picture during the meeting has also surfaced. Imran said to the man, “You are the hero of Pakistan.”

Ibtisam Ibrahim is credited with saving the life of former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. Ibtisam had caught the Khan shooter by risking his life. According to Ibtisam, the shooter attacked when he was 10 to 12 feet away from the vehicle carrying Khan, which had a container attached to it. Ibtisam saw a man loading his gun and keeping an eye on the 70-year-old PTI leader.

How did Ibtisam catch the attacker?

Ibtisam claimed that the alleged shooter fell while fleeing after firing a bullet at Imran Khan and grabbed his hand and lowered him towards the ground. The gunman fired again and the bullet hit someone else. After this there was a scuffle between the two and the gun fell on the ground. Ibtisam claimed that he followed the suspect and apprehended him with the help of others present at the rally.

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Ibtisam becomes ‘Hero of Pakistan’

The man who saved the life of the President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insan Party has become a ‘Hero of Pakistan’. Social media users highly appreciated this Ibtisam for his bravery. Not only the common people on social media but political figures and even Imran Khan’s ex-wife also appreciated Ibtisam’s bravery.

What did the person who shot Imran say?

The man who fired at Imran Khan said that he wanted to kill him. He told the media, “Imran Khan is misleading people, so I thought of killing him. He is doing blasphemy, playing music and dancing when there is azaan, I just want to kill Imran Khan. I will not leave him. There is no one behind me. I am alone.” The man who opened fire was caught with a 9 mm pistol and two empty magazines.

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