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You will get a big bonus for running 50 km every month, Chinese company has launched a new scheme for workers.

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Chinese company: You will get a big bonus for running 50 km every month

China News: Many efforts are being made to maintain fitness in corporate companies. Having a sitting job can lead to many health problems. In such a situation, companies try to take many measures for the fitness of their employees. One such solution has been adopted by a Chinese company. This Chinese company has launched a scheme to encourage its employees. Under this scheme, a better bonus will also be given along with the salary every month. The condition for this is that they will have to run 50 kilometers every month.

Guangdong Dongpo Company, based in China, has tried to give employees the opportunity to get bonuses beyond their regular salary. Apart from this, in order to make the employees physically stronger, they have also prepared a plan to give bonus for running 50 km. This Angdong Dongpo Company of China is a paper manufacturing company.

The more you run, the more bonus you will get

According to South China Morning Post, the company’s new policy means that if an employee runs 50 km per month, he will enjoy the full monthly bonus, if he runs 40 km, he will get 60 percent bonus and if he runs 30 km, he will get 30 percent bonus. Meanwhile, those who run 100 km per month will get an additional 30 per cent on top of the 50 per cent.

Apart from walking, this plan also takes into account brisk walking, which can be 60 and 30 percent of the total exercise required respectively. The distance calculation will be done with the help of apps on the phones of employees. Talking about this plan, company boss Lin Xiong said that a company can survive for a long time when its employees are healthy.

Indian company also took initiative in 2022

Companies globally employ different reward systems designed to achieve dual objectives. Firstly, the goal of these systems is to increase work efficiency and increase profits for the company. Indian company Zerodha implemented a comparable initiative for its workforce in the year 2022. A reward of Rs 10 lakh was announced to the employees focusing on weight loss. With this challenge they needed to burn a minimum of 350 calories per day.

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