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Zelensky claims Putin army targeted 400 Iranian drones between Ukraine-Russia war

Russia Ukraine War: The war between Moscow and Kyiv has been going on since February 24. Russia is constantly attacking Ukraine and Ukraine is also leaving no stone unturned to give a befitting reply to the Russian army. In the past, Russia carried out several deadly attacks on Ukraine with the help of drones, in which many civilians also lost their lives. At the same time, Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky said that Russia has used about 400 Iranian drones against the civilian population of Ukraine.

kamikaze drone attacks

According to media reports from Ukraine, Russia is making extensive use of drones. At the same time, according to Ukrainian experts, Russia has now decided to use kamikaze drones to attack Ukraine, which is Iran-made, but so that no one can recognize it, the Russian army is using them under a different name. It should also be mentioned here that when Iran was asked a question about this drone, Tehran refused to give the drone to Russia. However, the US has also called Iran’s statement false.

Russian President Zelensky Claims

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Russian President Zelensky claimed that about 400 Iranian-made Shahed-136 Kamikaze drones were used in several explosions in Kyiv and targeted the country’s civilian population. According to The Kyiv Independent, on October 17, Russia launched a brutal attack on Ukraine with 43 drones. Later, Moscow’s military used 28 drones to attack Kyiv that day, killing five.

Russia built Crimea Bridge

The war between Russia and Ukraine has intensified after a truck exploded recently on the Crimea Road Bridge. Three people were killed in the Crimea Bridge explosion. At the same time, two parts of the bridge also partially collapsed. This Crimean Bridge was opened in 2018 under the supervision of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was designed to connect Crimea to Russia’s transport network.

Nuclear attack on Ukraine

According to some media reports, Russia has intensified the maneuvers of its nuclear force. Russia has the largest number of active nuclear warheads or warheads in the world. Western countries fear that Russia may launch a low-capacity nuclear attack on Ukraine anytime. Vladimir Putin has already announced that he will not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to defend his country.

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