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Zimbabwe’s President pulled up Pakistan, PM Shahbaz Sharif responded in this manner

Shejbaz Sharif: Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan by 1 run in a thrilling match in Perth, Australia on Thursday. After this match, there was a flood of memes on social media. Everyone was surprised by this victory of Zimbabwe. At the same time, the President of Zimbabwe also tweeted about this and also pulled up Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif also responded to Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Dambudjo Mnangagwa’s tweet. “We Pakistanis have a funny habit of bounce back,” he said.

What did the President of Zimbabwe say?

The President of Zimbabwe tweeted from his official Twitter handle, “What a win for Zimbabwe! Congratulations to the team. Next time sending the real Mr. Bean…#PakvsZim”

Reply of Pak PM Shahbaz

Shehbaz Sharif replied to the Zimbabwe President’s tweet and wrote, “We may not have the real Mr Bean but we have the real cricketing spirit…and we Pakistanis have a strange habit of bouncing back 🙂 President Congratulations. Your team played really well today.”

Where did Mr Bean come from?

Actually, the Pakistan Cricket Board had shared some photos before the Zimbabwe match, in which they were seen practicing against the team. However, some Zimbabwean cricket fans tweeted and wrote that as a citizen of our country, we will never forgive you. You once showed a fake Pakistani Mr. Bean instead of the real one. Just pray that the rain save you…#ZIMVSPAK.”

…Pakistan sent fake Mr Bean

Who doesn’t know Mr Bean? This character is quite popular for his comedic performance. Rowan Atkinson is playing this character. Six years ago, during the Harare agricultural show, Pakistan sent an artist to make a fake Mr. Bean. The person whom Pakistan sent to Zimbabwe as a fake Mr. Bean was named Asim Mohammad, who looked like Mr. Bean. The extent was reached when a ticket of 10 dollars was also imposed for this fake bean show of Pakistan. Zimbabwe fans were disappointed by this act of Pakistan. He said that he will take revenge from the match and finally now Zimbabwe defeated Pakistan.

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