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If you like the smell of soil and are interested in knowing its quality then become a soil scientist.

How To Become A Soil Scientist: If you want to make a career as a soil scientist, then this information can be useful for you. To go into this field, it is important that you have interest in soil, plants and fields related to it. Under this, you are given information about soil formation, classification, mapping etc. Besides, physical, chemical and physical properties of soil are also explained.

what is taught

A student who studies soil science learns about many things like the type of soil, which crops will grow well on it, what kind of treatment it needs, whether it can be used for farming or forestry. Or for some other work. Know how to make a career in this field.

what is the eligibility

For those who want to make a career in this field, it is important that they study Geography as a subject in 12th. Along with this, after studying science subjects, they can take Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture or Geology. Now you can take admission in Bachelor degree course in Soil Science. It can be B.Sc. Agriculture or Geology. After this you can choose Masters degree or can also do PhD or M.Phil.

Which are the top colleges in India?

  • Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), Delhi
  • Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Science (SHIATS), Allahabad
  • Centurion University of Technology and Management (CUTM), Bhubaneswar
  • College of Agriculture (COA), Pune
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU), Phagwara
  • Punjab Agricultural Institute (PAU), Ludhiana
  • Bihar Agricultural University, Sabour.

How is admission done?

Every college has its own rules for admission. Some take entrance exams and some give admission on the basis of 12th marks. In most of the good places, selection is done through entrance exam only. Now its basis can also be CUET UG and PG. For this, you will have to know about the chosen college or course separately by visiting its website.

You can work on these posts

After completion of the degree, you can work on these posts – Soil Scientist, Professor, Soil Pedologist, Ecologist, Environmental Scientist, Geologist, Hydrologist, Scientific Laboratory Technician, Soil Conservation Technician.

how much do you earn

Salary depends on the post and the organization for which you are working. This average starts at Rs 20 to 30 thousand per month and later comfortably reaches Rs 5 to 6 lakh.

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