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Aap Ki Adalat: Rapper Badshah had depression due to this award winning film

Image Source : INDIA TV
Aap Ki Adalat

Your Court: Over the past few years, many Bollywood celebrities have opened up about mental health and their depression journey. Rapper Badshah shared about his anxiety disorder and depression in the latest episode of India’s popular show ‘Aap Ki Adalat with Rajat Sharma’. She also revealed that one of Ranveer Singh’s award-winning films increased her depression to such a level that she had to double the medication.

Rapper was on drugs for 6 months

When the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV asked him about his battle with depression, Badshah said, “I was diagnosed with anxiety disorder and manic depression. I was on medication for six months and they took over my life. There were dark days and suicidal thoughts.”

Badshah talks about his battle with depression

Talking about his first visit to a psychiatrist, the rapper said, “I always thought that a mental health doctor talks to the patient first, however, my doctor immediately put me on pills. I was confused and Later I asked him the same, to which he replied.” Replied, ‘Your condition was bad and you needed medicine immediately.’ He said that I would not have been able to survive.

Said this about the film Lootera

Badshah further revealed about Ranveer Singh’s film causing him depression and anxiety. He said, “At that time Ranveer Singh’s ‘Lootera’ was released and I went to watch the film. The film excited me and I could not think about anything else. It had such an impact on me that I took double the dose. Took it, but it still didn’t work.” It wasn’t working. Then I had to see my doctor.”

Speaking about mental health, Badshah urged the youth to seek help and experts when needed. He said, “Always be around people who make you happy. I urge the youth to reach out to those people if they are struggling with mental health issues.”

Furthermore, the rapper revealed that this was the only reason why he went to meet Honey Singh. For those unaware, Honey Singh was suffering from bipolar disorder and was away from showbiz for some time.

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