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AI showed Anupama’s happy story, you will forget the mourning going on in the show as soon as you see it

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Anupama’s AI photos.

Every day some or the other disturbance is seen in Anupama’s house. Every day the makers of the show create a new and serious issue to ruin Anupama’s life. In such a situation, chaos is seen every day in Shah House and Kapadia Mansion. The makers never allowed Anupama’s life to be happy, but the AI ​​artist has taken a liking to Anupama and has created many happy images of Anupama, which are becoming increasingly viral on social media. Due to this, today Anupama is also trading on Twitter. Now let us tell and show you what these pictures are like.

These are some AI pictures

Recently revealed AI pictures have shown Anupama as a beautiful woman. In one picture of Anupama, she is shown receiving an award and in another, she is seen addressing a conference. Anupama and Anuj’s romance was also shown in many pictures. In these pictures, the happy life of Chhoti along with Anuj and Anupama can be seen. Apart from this, Anupama is also shown pregnant in a picture. In one picture, Anupama is riding a scooter and in one picture, Anuj is pampering her and doing her hair.

Anupama, Anupamaa, Anupama AI photos

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AI showed the happy story of Anupama’s life.

How is the real story of the show going on?

Talking about the real story of the show, there will be a fire in the house due to Bapuji leaving the gas open. Meanwhile Kavya will also reach. He would not even have any idea of ​​this accident. Only then Anupama will reach there and save his life. Meanwhile, Kavya will tell that Bapuji has suffered from amnesia. Kavya will also give a hint about the leap in Anupama. She will tell Kavya that this time her dream of going to America will be fulfilled. Anupama will also say that this time her dream will definitely be fulfilled. Along with this, Kavya will also give a hint about the return of Vanraj. She will tell Anupama that he is going to return soon.

Anupama, Anupamaa, Anupama AI photos

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Anupama’s AI happy images.

Anupama’s problems will increase in the show

Apart from this, Bapuji’s illness will start increasing. The activities of the boys chasing Dimpy will also increase. With this, Vanraj will return and he will be seen completely recovered from his illness. Baa-Bapuji will be seen getting upset amidst the taunts of Malti Devi and Barkha. Whereas Romil will be caught roaming around with his girlfriend on the scooter.

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