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Ankita Lokhande pregnant in Bigg Boss 17 house? Feel like eating sour food after vomiting

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Ankita Lokhande.

Every day a new controversy and a new fight is seen in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 17’. Till now no deep friendship has been seen in the house. Not only this, a fierce fight is also being seen between the couples who have entered the house. Ankita Lokhade and her husband Vicky Jain are seen clashing on some issue or the other every day. There are very few romantic moments of both of them in the show. Now meanwhile, discussions have also started regarding Ankita Lokhande’s pregnancy. So is Ankita Lokhande really pregnant and did she get pregnant in the BB house? You are going to know here what is the whole matter.

Ankita’s pregnancy discussed at home

Actually, a funny incident happened with Ankita Lokhande in BB House. The actress said something in the house that the other members got very excited. Jigna, Rinku and Arun started taking special care of him. Ankita also started feeling shy after getting everyone’s attention. However, her husband had no idea about this whole matter. Let us tell you what and how happened with Ankita. Actually, Ankita was also standing there when Rinku and Jigna were sitting. During this time, Tehelka and Arun were also present in the kitchen when Ankita said that something was not feeling good. Feeling like vomiting, feeling like eating sour food. Rinku was shocked to hear this and asked what are you talking about.

Rinku had fun with Ankita

Ankita felt shy and said, oh no, no, it’s nothing like that. I feel something has gone wrong. As soon as Rinku heard it, she said that it sounded like a good mess. Ankita immediately said how could it be, nothing has happened since coming here, everything is closed here. Rinku told the actress that there might be past karma. The rest of the family started laughing when Arun signaled Ankita to bring a chair. Hearing such things from the family members, Ankita said, I am scared now, you guys don’t say like this. Then Rinku said, don’t worry, everyone will take care together. Along with this, Rinku also said that she will pray to God that this news turns out to be true.

Ankita had said this before coming into the house

By the way, let us tell you that even before entering the house, Ankita Lokhade had talked about pregnancy in an interview. Ankita Lokhande had said, ‘I am not pregnant. Don’t know where these rumors come from, but after Bigg Boss is over, I will make these rumors true.

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