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Ayushmann Khurrana gets emotional watching the Republic Day parade, shares special pictures with the bravehearts of the army – India TV Hindi

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Ayushmann Khurrana

Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana Own movies From Always fans Of Heart winning Are, But in days His social Media Activities Too enough headlines In Is. self actor From attached every One Thing To People Very Like Do Are. Today Republic day Of opportunities But He the parade to see Of For actor Delhi Returns Were. Paret In Army Of soldiers To See Where Ayushman giddy happened There itself This during Them Childhood From connected Some? tales Too Memory Come Went. the actor the parade of memorable photos and Videos Instagram But a special one caption Of with share Have done.

Childhood memories refreshed

Ayushman Khurana has the parade photos of share did in which He Army Of soldiers Of with vision Come are Are. of these pictures caption In wrote,India Of 75th Republic day Of opportunity But the parade to see Of good luck found. Me My Childhood Of Day Memory Come Went, When I every Year Our the whole Family Of with This Doordarshan But saw does Was, Wool days To Memory Tax Stayed Am.,

See These Post,

How are the photos and videos

Ayushman Khurana In these pictures, she is looking very dashing in Indian traditional dress. Video And photos Seeing this one can imagine their happiness. because in the video Sometimes actor To vigorous applause playing saw Go Can Is, So Sometimes Army Of the brave ones Of with pose give Happened. This during Ayushman has Who traditional outfit Worn Happened Is, People His Plenty praise Tax are Are.

Let me tell you that some days First Ayushman Khurana Ayodhya In happened Life Prestige Also participated in the program. This during Too They traditional look carry Did Was. They fans Of with enough photos And Video share did Were.

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