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Did you find the role of villain in ‘Animal’ perfect? Bobby Deol learned sign language for this

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New Delhi: Bobby Deol has played a dangerous character in Ranbir Kapoor starrer film ‘Animal’. Actor Bobby Deol is getting a lot of praise for this role and he is very happy with this success. Now the preparations done for this character have been revealed. He said that it was not easy and for this he had to learn sign language.

Actor wanted to go outside the comfort zone

When asked how much he was tested as an actor to play a chaotic and dangerous silent villain, Bobby explained, “I wanted to play a character that was out of my comfort zone. I wanted It can be more challenging because it brings out the best in a person and I think that’s what happened with me as well.”

How did the director make the offer?

He said that he was stunned when director Sandeep Reddy Vanga told him that he had no lines in the film. Bobby told, “When Sandeep said that your character is mute, I said, ‘What? I am not allowed to speak. I mean everyone likes the way I speak’ and he said, ‘Yes. , but I want this character to be mute.'”

The actor is being loved for his performance in the film and his amazing body. He said he was nervous. Adding, “I don’t know how I would think about it but it has made my work more exciting and challenging. I learned sign language for a month and it really helped.” Bobby continued, “I didn’t want it to seem like it wasn’t part of my body language and I was talking in sign language so it was fun and somehow people paid more attention to my work because It was challenging.”

Love Ranbir Kapoor

Praising the director and his co-star Ranbir Kapoor, Bobby said, “It was fun and I enjoyed every moment on the sets of ‘Animal’. I love Sandeep Vanga Reddy, he is an amazing director and I love Ranbir, he is a magical actor. Despite being such a big star, he is still down to earth. When you are working with him he makes you feel special. He is very normal, his It’s wonderful to work together.”

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