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How did Govinda get married to his maternal uncle’s sister-in-law?

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Govinda’s marriage almost fell apart twice.

Bollywood’s hero number one Govinda is one of the veteran actors of Hindi cinema. In the era of 80-90, crowds of spectators used to gather to watch the films in which Govinda was featured. A complete package of comedy, dance and acting, when Govinda’s films were running, the boards of Housefull remained up for many days. Millions of people are crazy about his acting. Apart from his films, Govinda has also been in the news for his personal life.

This is how Govinda met Sunita

Govinda was married to Sunita when he was still struggling in the film industry, but after marriage, his films started becoming hits one after the other and within no time he became a superstar from a common actor. Let us tell you that when Govinda was 25 years old, he and Sunita got married. During this time Sunita was only 18 years old. In an interview on Simi Grewal’s show, Govinda told that he met Sunita in a family function. Because, Sunita was his maternal uncle’s sister-in-law. Govinda kept his marriage hidden from the world till one year after marriage. So that his career is not affected. When his daughter Tina was born, Govinda revealed his marriage. Everyone was surprised after this news came out.

film journey

Govinda has given many hit films in his film career. These include films like ‘Partner’, ‘Coolie Number One’, ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’, ‘Raja Babu’, ‘Haseena Maan Jayegi’ and ‘Bhagam Bhaag’. . Currently, these days Govinda is living his personal life happily with his wife. He is spotted with his family every day.

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