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‘I am not dead’, Sajid Khan had to clarify on rumors of death

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The rumors of the death of director and director-choreographer Farah Khan’s brother Sajid Khan, who made amazing films like ‘Housefull’, troubled her. In such a situation, the director himself had to come forward and give clarification. Sajid Khan clarified through social media that he is alive and nothing has happened to him. To clarify this, Sajid Khan had to make a video and post it on Instagram. Now why did this situation come to the fore that Sajid Khan had to clarify that he did not die? The director himself has given the reason for this in his video. He presented serious matters to the fans in a funny manner.

Sajid said something serious in a funny manner

Sajid Khan said in the video, ‘I am a ghost, I am Sajid Khan’s ghost, I will eat you all, give peace to Sajid Khan’s soul…not getting it! How will we get peace, that poor Sajid Khan was in the 70s. In the film ‘Mandar India’ which was released in 1957, the name of the little child Sunil Dutt played was Sajid Khan. He was born in 1951, I was born twenty years later. He has died and may his soul rest in peace, but some of my irresponsible media friends, media people, not all, but some, put up my photo. In such a situation, from last night till now I am getting messages RIP, I am also getting calls asking are you alive? Hey brother, I am alive, not dead, because of your blessings. Whatever you want to entertain people. So in such a situation, I request you all with folded hands that I am alive and may the soul of Sajid Khan really rest in peace.

Cleared people’s confusion

He also gave a text on this video, in which it was written that rumors should be put to rest. We are still alive. It was written in the caption of this post, ‘RIP Sajid Khan (1951-2923)…this is not me, my photo was used in the media by mistake.’

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This caused confusion

Yesterday, the news of the demise of child actor Sajid Khan was revealed. Confusion arose regarding this. Some people thought that director Sajid Khan had died, whereas it was not so. Let us tell you that Sajid Khan was last seen in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Sajid Khan had come out of the house even before the finale because of his film. After four years he started working on a film. It is expected that his film will come soon. Currently, he is also being spotted in social gatherings.

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