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In Aap Ki Adalat, rap singer Badshah said – some media people are idiots, irresponsible

Image Source : INDIA TV
rap singer badshah in aap ki adalat mein

AAP KI ADALAT: Rap superstar, singer and writer Badshah has called a section of the media stupid and irresponsible and alleged that they distort things in the name of sensational news. While answering the questions of Rajat Sharma in the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ aired on Saturday night at 10 pm on India TV, Badshah said – “I am very angry at some people. I have got only one gift, that of writing and I will use it to express myself. This show of yours has been running with full dignity for 30 years. But I think there are some media people, who are very stupid, they distort and write anything in the name of sensationalism. This is very irresponsible of them.”

When Rajat Sharma said that this happens in all professions and some singers use obscene words, Badshah replied – I absolutely agree.

Rajat Sharma – Why do you do this?

Badshah – Sir, I try very hard not to do it, but then suddenly an instinct comes that it is my voice, I have to raise it.

Rajat Sharma – You have named your Instagram handle @badboy and your online clothing store has been named badfit.

Badshah – I have reduced my expectations to zero. To the world I will remain a bad boy, no matter what I do. Before you abuse me, I tell myself that I am a bad person. I know what I am. But for the people I have reduced the expectation to zero.

On Rajat Sharma’s question as to why he is spoiling the young generation with his songs, Badshah said – “He has been spoiled…it should be a little spoiled. Whatever I write is being used. Art is that which says everything without saying anything.”

Rajat Sharma – But do parents even beat their children for singing such songs?

Badshah – So I say that parents should listen to the song themselves, children should not listen. But these children have to become parents when they grow up.

Badshah, who is famous for his double meaning and sexy songs, said that his song ‘Abhi To Party Baaki Hai’, he had written for Disney films in the form of teenagers party. Disney people don’t even allow the word ‘fucker’ to be written in the song. I don’t know how those who understand understand.

never said wrong about god

Badshah admitted that after objections were raised, he changed the words mocking Lord Shiva in his song ‘Sanak’ and also apologized. “I did not make fun of Shivji. I am a great devotee of his. I did not say anything that would make fun of him. When you write as a creative you do not think of many things. I realize with time or have done It is said that you are also a socially responsible citizen of this country. I accepted that and also apologized. I have never said anything wrong about any God, nor can I ever say so.”

Badshah said – My agenda is to make Indian music global so that white people start speaking Hindi words, Kylie Jenner starts wearing bindi.

Badshah told how the line about aunty calling the police is based on his real life. “This happened to me, that’s why I wrote. The neighbor aunty had called the police, the police came, made the settlement and went away. Handled it.”

Badshah narrated an incident that happened in his early career when a spectator came to a show in Ludhiana with a pistol. ” He created a scene. I said, keep the pistol inside. He said, friend, you yourself talk about bullets, yours burst as soon as I saw the pistol. I said, not here, put it inside your pocket. He agreed. Gone. All this happens, it is normal.”

I am a big fan of Shahrukh

The famous rap singer, who took the name Badshah after being inspired by superstar Shahrukh Khan, said – “I am a big fan of his. A lot of people are his fans. He did a very special thing for me. He asked me to make a song for his team. When I made the song, their manager Rupa Ma’am came and asked about the money. I said, I am blessed, they gave me a chance to work. I want a new Playstation 5, at that time it was playing The station had not come to India. After a week, I got a message from Sir that your luggage is lying at home, where to send it? I was so stupid, stupid, that I did not even get Sir’s signature on it. … Shahrukh Sir was my There is no need to do anything for them. They are on this earth, that’s enough.”

While showing the tattoo on his wrist in the show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’, Badshah said – “This is a broken heart, on which I have put a band-aid. It doesn’t look good that a person does this at the age of 35.”

Rajat Sharma – Who was that person who broke your heart?
Badshah – Was it sir? She is having children. She has a husband, she has a household.

Rajat Sharma – Was it just one, or many?

Badshah (laughing) – There was only one person to break it, the rest…? Sometimes people become so crazy that they break hearts deliberately. Meaning, they create such situations deliberately…they are strange people.

Rajat Sharma – You must have got some benefit from heartbreak?

King: It is very beneficial. Good hit songs come out. We run after love, and when we find love, we run away in fear of love.

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