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Is Kareena’s darling Taimur already using the phone? He was seen holding a mobile phone in the viral video.

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Taimur was seen holding the phone in his hand

Kareena Kapoor is often seen spending quality time with her family. Now recently he was spotted at lunch with his mother Babita Kapoor, father Randhir Kapoor and sister Karisma Kapoor. During this time, Kareena’s two darlings Jeh-Taimur were also seen. Some videos of this period are currently going viral on social media. However, the thing that attracted people’s attention the most during this time was Taimur. Actually, during this time Taimur is seen holding a mobile phone in his hand. Fans are quite surprised to see the phone in his hand at such a young age.

Phone seen in Taimur’s hand

In the video that has surfaced, you can see that Taimur is seen coming out of the restaurant. During this, a paper bag is visible in one hand, while in the other hand he is seen holding the phone, on which a red colored cover is visible. After this video surfaced, everyone seems to be questioning whether Taimur can use a phone at such a young age. Let us tell you that Taimur Ali Khan turned 7 years old on 20th December. In such a situation, seeing a phone in his hand at the age of 7 is surprising the fans. However, we cannot confirm whether this phone belongs to Taimur or his mother Kareena. Currently, on this video of Taimur, fans are seen sending their reactions praising his cuteness.

Taimur is very talented at his young age

Let us tell you that apart from being cute, Taimur is also very talented. Recently he won the gold medal in Taekwondo. Last year, she got a yellow belt in Taekwondo, the happiness of which Kareena Kapoor shared with the fans. Apart from Taekwondo, Taimur Ali Khan is also an expert in many other sports. He is often seen playing games like cricket, football, chess. Only from this you can guess how talented Taimur is at such a young age.

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