Home Entertainment News Is the video of Sunny Deol seen drunk on the road true? The auto driver gave support

Is the video of Sunny Deol seen drunk on the road true? The auto driver gave support

Is the video of Sunny Deol seen drunk on the road true?  The auto driver gave support

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Sunny Deol.

Bollywood mega star Sunny Deol is in the news these days. Earlier he was in the headlines for his film ‘Gadar’, now he is in the news for his loving relationship with his younger brother Bobby Deol, but apart from this, a video of his is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Sunny Deol’s fans are sure to be shocked after watching this video. Such condition of Sunny Deol has been seen for the first time. Sunny Deol is seen in an inebriated state in the video that has surfaced. Fans are surprised to see him in this condition and are wondering how Sunny Deol has become in such a condition. By the way, whether this video is real or a part of a film, you will get to know the truth in the news.

Sunny’s video going viral

In the video that has surfaced, Sunny Deol is seen roaming drunk at the intersection. They are about to collide with an auto driver when the auto driver stops and recognizes them. Seeing Sunny Deol staggering, he helps Sunny Deol. After this, Sunny holds Deol and makes him sit in the auto. Sunny Deol is seen talking to him and smiling. The auto driver removes the person making the video. The person posting the video claims that this video is from Juhu Circle area of ​​Mumbai. Fans are shocked after watching this video.

Someone is trolling and someone is supporting the actor.

Fans are remembering what Sunny Deol said. Recently Sunny Deol had claimed that he had given up alcohol years ago and now he does not even touch it. People watching the video are trolling Sunny Deol badly. One person wrote, ‘He will fight with Pakistan in this condition.’ Another person wrote, ‘If you are roaming on the road after drinking, someone will blow up your car.’ A fan is suspecting that this is part of some shooting. Many people claim that this could be a scene being filmed for the shooting of a film. In such a situation, they are also asking the people who are trolling Sunny Deol to control their words.

What is the truth of this video?

However, it is not yet clear whether this is a part of some shooting or this video is real. According to many comments, this could also be a part of the shooting of a film. After watching this video going viral, fans are making different speculations. These days Sunny Deol is shooting for his film ‘Safar’ in Mumbai. In such a situation, this video is a part of that shooting. Obviously Sunny Deol is not going to make such a mistake. Therefore fans do not need to worry. Let us tell you, Sunny Deol was last seen in ‘Gadar 2’. The film was a superhit. After many years, Sunny Deol had given such a big film.

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