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It felt as if Prateik Babbar had become addicted to drugs due to the shock of his mother’s death.

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Prateik Babbar is celebrating his 37th birthday today

Prateik Babbar is one of the actors who is in the news for his films as well as his looks and style. Prateik, who has worked in great films like ‘Dum Maaro Dum’, ‘Dhobi Ghat’, ‘Aarakshan’, ‘Baaghi 2’, ‘Chhichhore’ and ‘Darbar’, has made people his admirer not only with his films but also with his fitness. has made. But let us tell you that Prateek has seen many ups and downs in his life. He was so devastated by the death of his mother and actress Smita Patil that he became addicted to drugs. Due to his mother’s grief, Prateek started hating his father Raj Babbar. The impact of hatred was such that Prateek even removed his father’s surname from his name.

lost mother at birth

Prateek, born on 28 November 1986, has faced many difficult problems in his life. Even though he comes from a film family, he has faced no less difficulties in life. In childhood itself, Prateek was haunted by his mother Smita Patil. Prateek lost his mother at the time when a child needs his mother’s affection the most. Because Smita died just a few days after Prateek’s birth.

Pratik was devastated by his mother’s death

After birth, due to infection, Smita’s organs started failing one after the other and as the infection progressed, she finally died. After the death of his mother, little Prateek was raised by his maternal grandmother. Prateek’s mother Smita left this world at the age of just 31. Prateek was devastated after his mother’s death. After his mother’s departure, Prateek was so deeply shocked that he became addicted to drugs. He had become a victim of drugs and was unable to come out of it.

Drug addiction took him to rehab center

When Prateek started taking drugs, he was only 12 years old. At that time, he was so addicted to drugs that he could not live without drugs. To get rid of this bad habit, he had to go to the rehab center twice. After which his condition improved. The death of his mother had given Prateek not only drugs but also a relationship of hatred with his father. He started moving away from his father. He started becoming angry with his father. This was revealed by Prateek himself in an interview given to the media. He had told that ‘My father had no time for me. Everyone used to tell me the story of my mother’s success, but I always wondered why my mother was not with me. The situation was such that Prateek’s distance from his father had increased so much that he had removed the surname Babbar from his name. However, with time his relations with his father Raj Babbar improved. Also, after Smita Patil, her relations with her second mother and step-siblings also improved.

Pratik keeps his mother close to his heart like this

Let us tell you that even today Prateek remembers his mother often. Some time back, Prateek had got his mother Smita Patil’s name tattooed on his chest in memory of her. Pratik had told that he always wanted to get a tattoo of his mother’s name. Talking about this, Prateek had said that ‘I was thinking about it for many years. Now it seems right. His name is written exactly where it should be, on my heart. 1955 is the year of her birth and she will always be with me. Prateek often shares Smita Patil’s pictures on Instagram. Smita Patil married Raj Babbar. But unfortunately, Smita Patil died on 13 December 1986, just two weeks after giving birth to her son.

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