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‘Just Looking Like A Wow’ fame Jasmine Kaur caught stealing

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Jasmine Kaur copied Shahrukh Khan’s dialogue

These days, the trend of ‘Just Looking Like a Wow’ is very much discussed on social media. Whoever you see is making a video on this. From Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone to common people have become a part of this trend. Many memes have also been made on this. But do you know who first said these words? If the name of Jasmine Kaur is coming in your mind then let us tell you that this answer is wrong. So let us tell you who was the first to say these words spoken by Jasmine Kaur.

Jasmine Kaur copied Shahrukh’s dialogue

Let us tell you that the one who started the trend of ‘Just Looking Like a Wow’ is Jasmine Kaur. Jasmine Kaur is a resident of Delhi. According to people, he is the first person who said ‘Just looking like a wow’ in one of his videos on social media. After this this dialogue went viral. But let us tell you that the dialogue ‘Just looking like a wow’ is not the original dialogue of Jasmine Kaur. But the real owner of this dialogue is Shahrukh Khan.

Shahrukh Khan’s viral video

Actually, recently we have received a video on social media, in which Shahrukh Khan is seen praising actress Juhi Chawla and saying – ‘So charming and so elegant.’ This video of Shahrukh Khan is from an award show, where he is seen praising Juhi Chawla in this way. Meanwhile, Juhi is elated after hearing her praise.

Fans’ reaction on Shahrukh Khan’s video

As soon as this video of Shahrukh Khan surfaced on social media, netizens started crediting Shahrukh Khan for this viral trend. “He’s already done that,” one user wrote. While another wrote- ‘It seems Jasmine Kaur is a fan of Shahrukh Khan.’ Similarly, many people are seen giving their reactions by commenting on this video of Shahrukh.

who is jasmine

Let us tell you that Jasmine shares videos of her clothing collection on social media every day. His videos are widely viewed on Facebook and Instagram. In such a situation, one day she was showing traditional outfits from her boutique collection. Meanwhile, while praising the clothes, he had said, ‘So beautiful, so elegant… just looking like a wow.’ Just after this his dialogue went viral. Jasmine also spoke the dialogue in such a manner that people liked it a lot on social media.

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