Home Entertainment News Kangana Ranaut made ‘Queen’, Vikas Bahl gave this big update on its sequel – India TV Hindi

Kangana Ranaut made ‘Queen’, Vikas Bahl gave this big update on its sequel – India TV Hindi

Kangana Ranaut made ‘Queen’, Vikas Bahl gave this big update on its sequel – India TV Hindi

kangana ranaut queen 2 vikas bahl breaks silence on film sequel script- India TV Hindi

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Vikas Bahl gives update on Kangana Ranaut ‘Queen 2’.

Vikas Bahl’s ‘Queen’ was released ten years ago and this film not only made huge collections at the box office but also won people’s hearts with its story. Even today people remember every scene of ‘Queen’, one of Kangana Ranaut’s super hit films. Meanwhile, Vikas Bahl has now shared an update regarding the script and release of ‘Queen 2’. Famous director Vikas Bahl is in the news these days for his upcoming horror film ‘Shaitan’. In this film, stars like Ajay Devgan, R Madhavan and Jyotika are going to perform in the lead roles.

Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Queen 2’ blast

Vikas Bahl, while talking about his upcoming horror film ‘Shaitan’, during an interview with News 18, has made a tremendous revelation about the film ‘Queen’, for which fans were waiting for a long time. Famous director Vikas Bahl has finally announced that Kangana Ranaut starrer ‘Queen 2’ is going to be released soon. Once again Kangana Ranaut is ready to create a blast at the box office by becoming ‘Queen’.

Vikas Bahl would have made ‘Queen 2’ four years ago

Vikas Bahl told that work is going on the sequel of ‘Queen 2’, in which Kangana is going to appear before you once again as the queen. The work of writing the story of the film has also been completed. I am happy to say that ‘Queen 2’ is going to release soon. Vikas Bahl further said, ‘I would have made a sequel to this film four years ago just for the sake of money, but we were convinced that we should not do so unless we got a strong story which was as great as Queen. ‘

Kangana Ranaut’s work front

Vikas Bahl’s film ‘Shaitan’ will be released in theaters on March 8, 2024. Ajay Devgan has not only played the lead role in this film but he is also its producer. Talking about Kangana Ranaut’s work front, she will be seen in the period drama ‘Emergency’. She is going to be seen playing the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in the film. Apart from this, she also has an untitled psychological thriller film with R Madhavan.

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