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Leo actress Trisha got angry at Mansoor Ali Khan, her bad statement went viral

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Trisha Krishnan and Mansoor Ali Khan in a scene from ‘Leo’.

Trisha Krishnan is in the headlines at the moment. Trisha Krishnan suddenly came into limelight when her co-star Mansoor Ali Khan made objectionable comments about her. His disgusting statement went viral on social media. As soon as the statement went viral, it started getting criticized a lot. In such a situation, ‘Leo’ actress Trisha Krishnan got wind of it. The actress did not maintain silence on the matter but rather she openly opposed it. He also vowed on social media to never work with Mansoor Ali Khan.

Mansoor had given a lewd statement

First let us tell you how the matter started. Recently, during a conversation, Trisha Krishnan’s ‘Leo’ co-star Mansoor Ali Khan gave a statement, in which he said that when he came to know that he was working with Trisha, he felt that both of them would be together. There will be a bedroom scene, but they did not see Trisha on the set. There was no scene of Trisha and Mansoor Ali Khan together in ‘Leo’. After Mansoor’s comments, the actress wrote a note on Instagram, Trisha said that she will make sure that she never has to work with Mansoor in her life.

Trisha swore

In response to Mansoor’s video, Trisha wrote on I strongly condemn it and find it gender discriminatory, offensive, misogynistic, disgusting and vile. He may keep wishing, but I am grateful that I never shared screen space with someone as pathetic as him and I will make sure that never happens for the rest of my film career. People like him bring bad name to mankind.

See Trisha’s statement here

This was Mansoor’s statement

According to an ANI report, Mansoor reportedly said during an interview, ‘When I heard that I was acting with Trisha, I thought there would be a bedroom scene in the film. I thought I could take her to the bedroom like I had done with other actresses in my previous films. I have done a lot of rape scenes in many films and this is not new to me, but these people did not even show Trisha to me on the sets during the Kashmir schedule.

Watch video here

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