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Makers of ‘Hanu-Maan’ gave a big surprise to the fans on the day of Ram Mandir Pran Pratistha – India TV Hindi

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Makers of Hanu-Maan made a big announcement

The film ‘Hanuman’ directed by Prashant Verma and starring Teja Sajja was released on Friday, January 12. This film is making huge money at the box office and is being liked a lot not only by the South but also by the Hindi cinematic audience. After the bumper success of this film, the makers have started preparing for the next part of the movie. Earlier it was reported that the director is planning its sequel. But Prashant Verma himself has finally announced the sequel of his superhit film. The filmmaker has surprised the fans by announcing the second part of Hanuman, ‘Jai Hanuman’ on his X handle.

Second part of ‘Hanuman’ announced

Director Prashant Verma has announced the film on his social media by showing a picture of Teja Sajja. While sharing this picture, he has written in the caption, ‘After the lot of love and support that Hanuman has received from the whole world, I am starting a new journey. I promise this myself. The pre-production of Jai Hanuman begins today on the special occasion of Pran Pratistha of Ram Temple.

See director Prashant Verma’s Instagram post here.

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The film ‘Hanuman’ made under the direction of Prashant Verma is a mythological film. This Teja starrer film is being liked a lot by the audience. In the film, Teja has played the character of Hanumanth, who gets superpowers. Let us tell you that ‘Hanuman’ was clashed with many films at the box office. This list includes films like ‘Merry Christmas’, ‘Ayalan’, ‘Guntur Karam’, Captain Miller. Despite this, ‘Hanuman’ has so far earned a handsome amount of Rs 150 crore from all over the world. Made for just Rs 50 crore, this movie has earned a handsome amount.

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