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Munavvar lost his temper on Mannara’s words, vandalized ‘Bigg Boss’ house in anger

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Munawwar lost his temper on Mannara’s words.

Shocking twists are emerging every day in Salman Khan’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. Sometimes a fight is seen in the show and sometimes a breakup is seen. This show is becoming more interesting with every day. This season is quite different from other seasons of Bigg Boss because this time Bigg Boss is also playing with the minds of the contestants. Because of which fights are being seen in the house every day. Ever since Ayesha Khan’s wild card entry in the show, there has been a rift between Munavvar and Mannara. There was a time when the friendship between Manara and Munavvar was discussed in the entire show, but with the arrival of Ayesha, both of them have become enemies of each other. In the last episode, where both were seen taunting each other, once again a fierce fight was seen between the two.

Munawwar lost his temper

A new promo of Bigg Boss 17 has come out, in which the fans will get to see such a form of the standup comedian for the first time, which they have never seen. In the upcoming episode, a fierce fight will once again be seen between Munavvar and Mannara. Is. Actually, Mannara- Munavvar’s ex-girlfriend Nazila says something about Sitashi, hearing which Munavvar loses his temper and starts vandalizing the house.

Mannara taunts Munavvar’s ex

In the promo that has surfaced, you can see that Ayesha is seen saying to Mannara that ‘You are moving ahead in the game with the support of two people.’ In response to this, Mannara says – ‘Whose support have you brought? Will she come individually next year? Like maybe her friends from outside will come individually next year.’ As soon as he heard Mannara’s words, Munawwar got angry. He went near Manara and broke the glass kept there. Seeing this anger of Munavvar, first Mannara lost her senses. However, defending himself he said that according to him he had not said anything wrong. After this, there was a lot of debate between the two. The fans are quite surprised to see this reaction of Munawwar. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss.

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