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Papa made him drink alcohol by saying ‘Drink it, your stomach will be cleared’, Johnny Lever got addicted – India TV Hindi

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Johnny Lever.

Bollywood’s famous comedian Johnny Lever does not need any identity today. With his comedy, he has added a different flavor to many films. Comedian Johnny Lever’s life has not been easy. He saw many ups and downs in his life. He came a long way from slum Dharavi in ​​Mumbai and then started making people laugh in the corridors of Bollywood and took the responsibility of making people laugh in the country and the world. Actor-comedian Johnny Lever recently shared many unheard stories of his life. During this, he told how he had become addicted to drinking alcohol.

childhood spent in slum

While talking to Ranveer Allahabadia in a podcast, he told that his childhood was spent in a slum area. He faced the challenges there. During this period, he saw many incidents, many incidents and many murders in front of his eyes. He also told that dead bodies used to lie in front of him and many times he used to pass among them. He says that he never thought that his life would change and that he would come out of this environment and see the world. He says that he never slept on a bed in his childhood because he was a factory worker and had the habit of sleeping on a carpet on the floor.

Jovi Lever told how he got into the habit of drinking alcohol

Talking further in this episode, he told that when he got success, he too was astounded like others. Johnny says, ‘I was also misled, you get lost somewhere or the other. I started drinking alcohol and started drinking too much. After this success, he started drinking more, but he had been drinking alcohol since childhood, Aria was like this. My father used to say in my childhood that it is good to drink this, it helps in clearing the stomach, so I started drinking in my childhood itself, but after becoming successful, I had to go to parties. Had to go to someone’s house every day. Everyone liked Johnny Lever, so everyone used to say, tomorrow is my place, tomorrow is my place. In such a situation, I started drinking more, but then I realized that this was wrong. Then it took me some time, but I lost this habit.

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