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PM Modi liked 7 year old Ram Stuti, the girl singing it has grown so much

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Surya Gayatri and PM Modi.

People are waiting for the consecration of Ram temple. The enthusiasm among people is increasing with each passing day. Many Ram bhajans and Ram hymns are going viral in this episode. PM Modi is also sharing these with people around the world on his X handle. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared a Ram Stuti on social media on Thursday, January 11, 2024. This song was sung seven years ago, to which a 10-year-old little girl, Suryagayatri, gave her melodious voice. Now Suryagayatri has grown up.

PM Modi posted

17 year old Suryagayatri, who sings Ram praises, is a classical singer from Kerala. Suryagayatri started singing from a young age and many of her music videos are very popular. PM Modi has tweeted this hymn of Suryagayatri. While sharing the video, PM Modi wrote on ‘

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Who is Suryagayatri?

Suryagayatri is a resident of Purameri village in Vadakara, North Kerala. A website has also been created in the name of the singer. According to this, Suryagayatri has appeared in Karnataka’s famous singer Kuldeep M Pai’s spiritual music series ‘Vande Guru Paramparam’. People like it all over the world. Kuldeep M Pai is the guru of Suryagayatri. Suryagayatri’s father Anil Kumar is a Mridangam artist from Kerala.

Life will be sacrificed on this day

Let us tell you, the consecration of Ram temple is being organized in Ayodhya on 22 January. Stars from Bollywood to South have received invitations for this program. Amazing enthusiasm is being seen among the people regarding Ramlala. Social media is also flooded with posts related to the consecration of Ram temple.

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