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Priyanka-Parineeti do not share close bond with Meera Chopra

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Sister Meera Chopra is angry with Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra

Chopra sisters dominate Bollywood. Elder sister Priyanka Chopra, who has become a global star from actress, does not need any identity today. The actress has earned a big name in the film industry due to her acting and is now impressing people with her work in Hollywood. Her younger sister Parineeti Chopra is also a well-known name in Bollywood. Apart from this, sister Mannara Chopra is also seen in Bigg Boss 17 these days and is making a lot of headlines. But, there is one more Chopra sister whose career has not reached its peak yet. Yes, we are talking about Priyanka and Parineeti’s cousin Meera Chopra who is in the news these days for one of her interviews. During this time, he has made many shocking revelations about his two sisters Priyanka and Parineeti Chopra.

Sisters never supported Meera Chopra

Let us tell you that Meera Chopra made her Bollywood debut with the film ‘1920 London’. Soon one of his films ‘Safed’ is going to be released on 29th December. Meanwhile, recently in an interview, she has expressed her pain and said that when she came into the entertainment industry, she did not get any support from her sisters. Meera has said, ‘She did not have a close relationship with both the sisters from the beginning. She said, she used to miss her bond with the Chopra sisters a lot since the beginning. Raising the issue of not getting any support in the industry, she said, when there are three-four sisters in the industry, you get their support, but my This did not happen together. I never asked for help, and never got help from them.

Meera told how is the bond with her sisters

While talking about her bond with Priyanka, Mira further said, ‘I am still very close to Priyanka’s family, but I never had any sisterhood feeling with her. Mira also shared her bond with Parineeti and said, ‘Parineeti and her family have been on talks for years, so Mira did not want to break this line by going against her family. He has said, ‘There has never been any family issue with Parineeti.’ Let us tell you that Meera Chopra has been active in Tollywood since 2005. He is a very famous name in Tamil and Telugu industry.

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