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Ram Charan spotted with daughter for the first time, people saw Taimur’s nanny in the video

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Taimur’s nanny seen with Ramcharan and Upasana.

Ram Charan and Upasana Konidela recently gave birth to a daughter. Both have become new parents. The celebration after the birth of their daughter was much talked about. Not only this, the daughter’s name was also in the news. The couple named their daughter Clint Cara Konidela. Now for the first time after the birth of her daughter, Upasana was spotted with her daughter. During this, husband Ram Charan was also seen with her. Its video has also surfaced, which people are watching again and again. Well, the reason for watching this video is not Ram Charan, his wife and daughter but someone else. A person has been seen in this video, seeing whom people have become confused.

People saw Taimur’s nanny

In a recently surfaced video, Upasana was spotted coming from the airport to her home in Bandra. During this time, her daughter was with her, whom she was seen holding in her lap. When Upasana reached home, she was received by Ram Charan. During this time a nanny was also seen with him. This nanny is none other than the nanny of Taimur and Jeh Ali Khan. This celebrity nanny is quite popular and was often seen with Taimur, but now she was seen with Upasana. In such a situation, the fans are surprised and are wondering whether she is no longer Taimur’s nanny.

People made such comments

Watching the video, it has become clear that Taimur’s nanny has now become the nanny of Upasana and Ramcharan’s daughter. If reports are to be believed, it is said that the salary of this celebrity nanny is in lakhs. From the birth of Taimur till the birth of Jeh, this nanny remained continuously connected to Saif and Kareena. Now after watching this video people have recognized him. Many people wrote in the comments that this is Taimur’s nanny. One person wrote that he had seen it earlier with another star kid. While one wrote, Oh my God, earlier his salary was one lakh, now it must have increased to five lakh.

Watch video here

Became parents after 11 years

Let us tell you that Upasana Kamineni Konidela and Ram Charan gave birth to their daughter on June 20, 2023, after 11 years of marriage. This girl is also getting a lot of love and affection from Ram Charan’s parents Chiranjeevi and Surekha Konidela and Upasana’s parents Shobhana and Anil Kamineni.

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