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Saalar Vs Dunki: ‘Saalar’ will defeat ‘Dunky’, will earn three times on the first day

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‘Dinky’ and ‘Salar’.

Box-office collection plays an important role for Indian films. Two big films ‘Dinky’ and ‘Salaar’ have been released on this long weekend. Both the films are getting immense love from the fans. Crowds of spectators are being seen in theatres. There is a lot of buzz on social media also about both ‘Dinky’ and ‘Salar’. According to the way people are coming to watch the film, it is clear that both ‘Dinky’ and ‘Salaar’ will make bumper earnings and huge figures will be seen, but in this race of earnings, one will be ahead and the other will be behind. That is why we have brought for you the first day earning figures of ‘Dinky’ and ‘Saalar’. This will make it clear who is running at the speed of the horse between ‘Dinky’ and ‘Salar’.

How far ahead of ‘Dinky’ was ‘Saalar’?

‘Dinky’ was released yesterday i.e. on 21st December. Whereas ‘Salaar’ was released today i.e. on 22nd December. While the first day’s earnings of ‘Dinky’ have been revealed, the estimated earnings of ‘Salaar’ have also been revealed. There is a huge difference in the earnings of ‘Dinky’ and ‘Salar’. ‘Saalar’ has made a big record in terms of earnings. The advance booking collection of the film ‘Salaar’ has left the huge first day earning figures of ‘Dinky’ far behind. Salaar had crossed the Rs 45 crore mark in advance booking itself. If we talk about the total earning of ‘Dinky’ on the first day, it has earned only Rs 30 crores and the advance booking was only half of that i.e. Rs 15 crores.

‘Saalar’ will create a new record

Now let us tell you how much estimated earnings ‘Saalar’ will be able to earn on the first day. On the very first day, ‘Saalar’ will create a new history across the country by crossing the huge figure of Rs 95 crore in all five languages. According to the report released by Sacnilk, this is going to be the biggest earning ever for the first day. With this new record, ‘Saalar’ will leave behind both Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Pathan’. In terms of earnings, ‘Jawaan’ had crossed the figure of Rs 75 crore on the first day itself. Whereas ‘Pathan’ had printed Rs 57 crore on the first day. Till now ‘Jawaan’ was at the forefront in terms of first day’s earnings, but according to estimated figures ‘Saalar’ will leave it far behind.

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