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Salman Khan played band for contestants in Bigg Boss 17, created a stir with wild card entry in the house

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There is a huge fight these days in Salman Khan’s most controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 17’. The friendship of the contestants is gradually turning into enmity in Bigg Boss house. Today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode has been very interesting. Salman Khan has given a lot of class to Abhishek Kumar. Host Salman Khan objected to Abhishek’s objectionable language and said that this will not work. During a fight, he abuses Isha Malviya in anger. Last week, Salman Khan was busy with his film ‘Tiger 3’, hence he could not come to the show.

Salman Khan organized class for contestants

Salman Khan spoke angrily as soon as he came with the family. Salman told everyone a lot about the activities done by Karan Johar during his arrival last week. Salman said that even when Karan came, you all did not respect him and also said that you have lost the opportunity to work with Karan, but you people are not able to understand this. Salman Khan somehow started the show on the request of Bigg Boss, but he also said that he does not feel like hosting the show at all.

Told all the lies to Abhishek

Salman Khan took Abhishek’s class very well. It is seen in the show that he keeps losing his temper. Salman says, ‘The most fake contestant in the house is Abhishek Kumar.’ Salman Khan also said that ‘If you talk to me like this, I will tell you. Tell Isha to go somewhere else at night… If this thing had happened in front of me, I would have definitely taught you a lesson.

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