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Shahrukh takes a special bath a day before the release, does not come out of the bathroom for 2 hours – India TV Hindi

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Shahrukh Khan.

King Khan of Bollywood i.e. Shahrukh Khan is a fan’s favorite and his fans are eager to know every update about him, whether it is an update related to his film or related to his life. During an event in Dubai, Shahrukh Khan told about such rules of his life, which even his fans might not know. People who have been following the actor for years will also know about this habit of his for the first time. This rule of the actor is related to his bathing. The actor told that he takes bath for two hours a day before the release of the film.

Why do actors take bath in the bathroom for two hours?

Talking about this, Shahrukh says, ‘Our films are released on Friday and before that on Thursday evening I take bath for 2 hours.’ The actor told that this has become his rule. During this conversation, Shahrukh Khan said that the oils and scents used for bathing are very expensive. Everyone started laughing after hearing this. The actor further said that he adds salt to the water while bathing and it makes him feel good. Shahrukh Khan also gave his logic behind this rule and told that he takes bath for two hours and removes the film from his body. What he meant to say was that he does not make the film based on heart and mind. On this, the host asks him whether he uses oil and scent while bathing, then he laughs at this and says in a joking manner that it is a secret and to know it, they will have to bathe together.

Feeling before the release of Shahrukh’s film

Shahrukh told that he feels quite different before the release of the film. He says, ‘I always try to explain why I do what I do. The work I do, the films I make, have very sudden results. Let us tell you, last year Shahrukh Khan had given three blockbuster films. These films included Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’, ‘Jawaan’ and ‘Danky’. All three films made amazing earnings and created many records. The actor’s fans were also seen showering a lot of love on him.

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