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Superstar Yash spoke such amazing dialogues in KGF, you will learn by listening to them

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Have you heard the dialogues of KGF?

KG superstar Yash is celebrating his 38th birthday today. After the huge success of KGF franchise, Yash has gained the status of ‘Pan Indian Star’. This film not only shook the box office but also made the audience crazy. From Yash’s style to his swag, people were impressed. Yash’s dialogues in both the parts of KGF were also such that you can learn many lessons related to life. Even today, the craze for these dialogues of Yash has not reduced among the people, so today on the special occasion of his birthday, let us take a look at the dialogues spoken by Yash in ‘KGF’, which will fill you with passion.

1.’Violence..Violence..Violence, I don’t like it. I Avoid… But Violence Like Me, I Can’t Avoid.

2, Your parents did everything right but made a mistake, they created you all at my time. I will continue to rule, you keep peeling grass.

3.’Bombay has the sea on one side and the Rockies on the other.

4Due to presence of Rocka, even the fishes here have to take permission to come to the shore.

5.In life, with whom you join hands, is important…whose hand you shake, is important…and whose hand you hold, is more important…

6If it doesn’t happen to my father, it won’t happen to anyone.

7.’How deep the ocean is, it cannot be ruled without knowing its depth.’

8Remember one thing, after today this territory is mine and this territory is yours. Understand the world is my territory.

9, ‘There is no friend like my friendship and there is no sword that can withstand my enmity.

10.’I like hugging and kissing myself more than giving flying kisses.’

11There are two types of gravitational power. Apples fall down in Newton’s gravity and apples go up in Rocky’s gravity.

12.Some people want to live a hundred years, even if they become slaves. But people like me want to live like a Sultan, even if for a day.

13They say, spread your legs as much as you have a sheet. But believe me, why spread your legs less? Just make the sheet bigger.

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