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The actress crossed all limits of misbehavior, did such a thing with a policeman! Video Viral – India TV Hindi

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Actress Sowmya Janu

Whenever film stars are seen on the road, people turn on their cameras. But whenever a star does something wrong, the news is sure to go viral. A similar video has surfaced of Telugu actress Saumya Janu, in which Saumya is seen arguing with a policeman. The matter was that when the policeman stopped her for driving on the wrong side, the actress started misbehaving. This video is now viral on social media.

The actress was seen arguing in the video

Yes! Saumya Janu has been caught on camera fighting with a policeman in Hyderabad. Because he had stopped the actress from driving the Jaguar in the wrong direction. The incident happened when the Telugu actress was driving her Jaguar in the wrong direction in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. Some reports claimed that Soumya Janu abused the traffic police personnel and tore his clothes. However, in the video surfaced online, she is only seen arguing.

Complaint lodged with police

It is being told that the traffic home guard has lodged a complaint at Banjara Hills Police Station and has also submitted the video of the incident as evidence. It is being told that the police have registered the case and started investigating the matter.

Saumya Jaanu is being trolled

Telugu actress is being criticized on social media for the video of her assaulting a policeman in Hyderabad. “In the video, she (Saumya Janu) is admitting that she was driving in the wrong direction, but still she is defending her action,” a person tweeted along with Saumya Janu’s video. Responding to this, an ex-user wrote, “Really Soumya? You are driving erratically, this cannot be defended! Safety first.” Another said, “Legal action should be taken.”

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