Home Entertainment News This disease of Pankaj Udhas took his life, Anoop Jalota revealed – India TV Hindi

This disease of Pankaj Udhas took his life, Anoop Jalota revealed – India TV Hindi

This disease of Pankaj Udhas took his life, Anoop Jalota revealed – India TV Hindi

Pankaj Udhas was battling from pancreatic cancer confirms Anup Jalota- India TV Hindi

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This disease of Pankaj Udhas took his life

Famous ghazal singer Pankaj Udhas died on Monday at Candy Breach Hospital in Mumbai. His daughter Nayaab Udhas confirmed the news of her father’s demise on Instagram. Family members told that Pankaj Udhas was suffering from chronic illness for some time, but his close friend and singer Anup Jalota has made new revelations about Udhas’ illness. He has also paid tribute to his best friend on his death by sharing an emotional post on social media.

Pankaj Udhas died of this disease

There has been a stir since the news of Pankaj Udhas’ demise. Singer Anup Jalota has shared a new update regarding Pankaj Udhas’s illness. Anoop Jalota told that Udhas was battling cancer. Anup knew about his illness for the last five to six months. Talking about the demise of the ghazal emperor, Anoop said, ‘People have lost Pankaj Udhas, but I have lost a very dear friend today. We were friends for 45 years. We used to spend beautiful evenings together.

Anup Jalota’s revelation

Pankaj Udhas and Anoop Jalota were very good friends. Anoop Jalota told after the death of the singer that he had pancreatic cancer, due to which he died. Anup Jalota shared that he was in touch with Pankaj Udhas’s daughter Nayab. Remembering his good friend, the singer has also shared some pictures on social media, in which both of them are seen spending time together.

About Pankaj Udhas

Udhas gained fame by singing in the film ‘Naam’, in which one of his songs ‘Chiththi Aayi Hai’ became quite popular. Pankaj Udhas was born in a landlord Charan family in Charkhadi-Jaitpur near Rajkot in Gujarat. He was the youngest among three brothers. Pankaj’s father’s name was Keshubhai Udhas. Pankaj’s elder brother was also a singer. Manohar Udhas was a Hindi playback singer in Bollywood. He had created a distinct identity in Bollywood even before Pankaj. His other elder brother Nirmal Udhas is also a famous ghazal singer.

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