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This girl looks like Sara Ali Khan from head to toe, she is also wearing the same clothes – India TV Hindi

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This girl looks like Sara Ali Khan

It is said that there are seven people of similar appearance in the whole world. Although many people do not believe this. But many times it happens that when someone meets his lookalike, he is surprised. Lookalikes of common people do not go as viral as those of celebrities. Meanwhile, recently some pictures of Sara Ali Khan’s lookalike are going viral on social media, in which the girl not only looks like Sara but is also seen wearing similar clothes. Not only this, Sara Ali Khan herself has also met her look-alike.

Who is Sara Ali Khan’s look-alike Ishika?

Sara Ali Khan’s lookalike is Ishika Jaiwani, who is also very famous on Instagram with more than 10 thousand followers. Ishika Jaywani is very active on social media and often shares traveling and lifestyle video clips and pictures on her Insta account. Apart from this, she is also a good dancer. Ishika’s appearance is very similar to Sara. Her features are also as cute as Sara’s. Not only this, she has also met Sara Ali Khan many times. A very good bonding is seen between the two.

Ishika has met Sara many times

Ishika has shared pictures with Sara Ali Khan on her Instagram account many times. In many pictures, both Sara and Ishika can be seen wearing similar dresses. Sara’s fans are quite surprised to see these pictures, because they look like ‘Xerox copies’ of each other in the same clothes. This is both interesting and shocking. Both of them really resemble each other. The smiles of both are also quite similar.

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