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This heroine had to marry the same husband thrice in real life

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This heroine of Dharmendra was married thrice

Mala Sinha has been a Bollywood actress who was known for her unmatched beauty during her time. Besides, she was also considered number one in acting. Mala Sinha continued working in films for almost 40 years. Mala, who has worked in more than 100 films, has done many memorable roles. However, she has been away from films for a long time. Mala Sinha, who dominated the screen from 60’s to 80’s, is now completely missing from the limelight. Today we are going to tell you about Mala Sinha’s love story. Mala Sinha, who stayed away from controversies, ruled many hearts but only one person ruled her heart. And that is her husband Chidambaram Prasad Lohani. Yes, Bala’s beautiful Mala Sinha loved only Chidambaram Prasad Lohani in her life and married him only. That too not once or twice but thrice. What is even more surprising is that even after marriage, Mala Sinha and Chidambaram Lohani were in a long distance relationship for a long time.

This is how Mala Sinha met CP

Although Mala Sinha was born in Calcutta, West Bengal, her roots were from Nepal. Because Mala Sinha’s father was a Nepali Christian and her mother was a Nepali. In the initial phase of her career, Mala Sinha also worked in many Nepali films. Mala Sinha had gone to Kathmandu for the shooting of one such Nepali film. Her co-star in the film was Chidambaram Prasad Lohani, known as CP in the industry. Mala Sinha had settled in CP’s heart during the shooting of the film. Mala Sinha also started considering CP as her good friend.

Mala Sinha married CP thrice

When the film ended, Mala Sinha returned back to Mumbai. After returning to Mumbai, Mala Sinha realized her love for CP, so she wrote her heart’s condition in a letter and sent it to CP. It was only after expressing their love through letters that the series of meetings between Chidambaram and Mala Sinha increased. Later, when both of them expressed their desire to get married to their respective parents, both their families were adamant on getting the marriage done as per their respective religions. What happened next, Mala Sinha and Chidambaram Prasad Lohani decided to get married not once or twice but thrice according to different customs.

Mala Sinha was in a long distance relationship even after marriage

Mala Sinha and CP first had a Christian wedding as per Christianity, after which they got married with seven rounds as per Hindu religion. And finally got a court marriage done. However, before marrying Mala Sinha, CP had also put a condition before her that she would not work in films after marriage. Which was initially accepted by Mala Sinha. However, she could not keep herself away from films for long. And soon after marriage, she started working in Hindi films again. Due to this passion for films, she had to stay away from her husband for a long time. Actually, in those days CP used to have real estate business in Nepal. Because of which he lived in Nepal only. Whereas Mala Sinha had to stay in Mumbai to work in films. However, even these distances could not have any impact on their relationship. Because Chidambaram Prasad Lohani always supported him like a true life partner. Let us tell you that Mala Sinha and Chidambaram Prasad Lohani have a daughter named Pratibha Sinha.

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