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This is Sara Tendulkar’s rumored boyfriend, not Shubman Gill? People are getting confused after watching the video

Shubhman Gill, Khushpreet...- India TV Hindi

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Shubman Gill, Khushpreet Singh and Sara Tendulkar.

After several videos of Sara Tendulkar and Shubhman Gill went viral, the news of their being in a relationship intensified. Neither of them has maintained silence on these news. Both were discussed a lot during the World Cup 2023 also. People thought that Sara Tendulkar was coming to the match to support Shubhman, but now a video has surfaced which has increased the confusion of the fans after watching it. While on one hand Shubhman Gill and Sara had not yet confirmed their love, now the name of a new person has started coming to the fore. It is being said that Sara Tendulkar is not dating Shubman but someone else.

Video went viral

Recently a video started going viral in which it was told that Sara Tendulkar was spotted with Shubman Gill along with another person in the party. This person had also come to watch the match with Sara Tendulkar. Not only this, he has also been spotted many times with Sara Tendulkar. The name of this person is Khushpreet Singh Aulakh. Sara Tendulkar also follows her on Instagram. Khushpreet Singh is an old friend of Shubman Gill. It is believed that Sara met Khushpreet through Shubman. Not only this, after Shubman left at the Jio Plaza launch event, Khushpreet was seen standing with Sara.

Watch video here

Shubman and Ori liked it

In the video that has surfaced, many clips of spending time with Khushpreet Singh and Sara Tendulkar are shown. It was also said that perhaps Sara is not dating Shubman but Khushpreet Singh. People caught sight of this video and it went viral within no time. This video became so viral that even B-town celeb Ori liked it. Ori is said to be a close friend of Sara Tendulkar. Not only this, after seeing Ori’s likes, people say that Ori will definitely tell Shubhaman about this. Along with Ori’s liking, Shubman Gill himself also liked this reel and then removed his like, but people’s attention fell on his like.

Orry, sara, shubman

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Comments came on Shubman Gill’s like.

Fans became deeply suspicious

After liking the videos of Shubman Gill and Ori, people believe that perhaps this is a gesture from them. It started raining comments in the comment section of the video. People started saying that both of them are confirming the rumors by liking this video. By the way, what is the real matter, no one can know better than Shubhman and Khushpreet. The news of Sara Tendulkar’s relationship is just a rumor until she herself confirms it.

Orry, sara, shubman

Image Source : INSTAGRAM

Comments made regarding Ori’s like.

Sara-Shubman’s relationship is in the news

Let us tell you, these days the relationship between Sara Tendulkar and Shubhman Gill is going on. Sara was seen supporting Shubman during India’s World Cup match, after which slogans of Sara Tendulkar were also raised in the field. Not only this, both were also seen together at the launch event of Jio Plaza, after which both were seen avoiding the media. The video had become quite viral. Even before this, the social media reactions of both have been in the news. The reaction of UAE cricketers Chirag Suri and Sara Ali Khan on ‘Coffee with Karan 8’ has given more hype to this whole matter.

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