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You will tell me that I… Karan Johar got angry at Abhishek Kumar, there was an argument between the two.

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Karan Johar angry at Abhishek Kumar

Salman Khan’s most controversial show ‘Bigg Boss 17’ is becoming more fun every day. Every day a new controversy is happening in the show and after these controversies, Bhaijaan’s class in ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ makes it even more fun. But this time in ‘Friday Ke Vaar’ also you are going to see amazing ruckus and this time Karan Johar is going to create this ruckus.

Arun and Sunny had scuffle with Abhishek

Yes, recently ‘Bigg Boss’ has shared its latest promo, in which Karan Johar is seen getting angry at Abhishek Kumar. Actually, in the last episode you saw that Arun and Sunny had a scuffle with Abhishek in the house of ‘Bigg Boss 17’. There was a lot of uproar on social media regarding this fight. Everyone is demanding to throw Arun and Sunny out of the house. But looking at the recent promo of ‘Bigg Boss’, it seems that the tables are going to be turned upside down. After all, Karan Johar is seen getting angry at Abhishek Kumar because of this fight.

Karan Johar angry at Abhishek Kumar

In the promo that has surfaced, you can see how Karan Johar is seen shouting at Abhishek Kumar. At the beginning of the promo, Abhishek Kumar is seen angrily throwing his mic and shouting at Bigg Boss in front of the camera. After which Karan Johar is seen getting angry at him for his behaviour. After this Abhishek tells Karan, ‘Sir, where are you taking the matter’. Karan Johar gets angry on this and says, ‘What right do you have to tell me what I should talk about and what not.’

This is why there was a fight between Arun-Tehelka and Abhishek

Let us tell you that because of Isha Malviya, a fight was seen between Abhishek Kumar and Arun-Tehelka inside the house. Where Sunny Arya was seen raising her hand on Abhishek Kumar and getting violent with him. Amidst these fights, there was a scuffle between the three and in the midst of this scuffle, Sunny was seen holding Abhishek’s collar, while Arun was seen pushing him. In such a situation, if any contestant raises his hand in Bigg Boss house, the guilty contestant is thrown out for ‘violence’. Now will Sunny and Arun be thrown out of ‘Bigg Boss’ house because of their scuffle with Abhishek or not? This decision will be taken on ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, currently Karan Johar is seen getting angry on Abhishek only.

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